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Q & A with Our Experts

Q.Why is my crapemyrtle not blooming?

A.If your crape myrtle is otherwise green and healthy, you may need to apply the nutrient phosphorus to promote blooming.

Q.Are those small bags hanging from my evergreen responsible for the bare branches?

A.Those are bagworms, a caterpillar that lives in a bag made of bits of foliage. They are consuming of your evergreen plant’s leaves and may leave large parts of the plant with bare branches. You must spray the entire plant with an insecticide such as Sevin or Bug-B-Gone.

Q.My lawn has brown patches all over it. What’s causing this?

A.The most likely cause is lawn fungus. Treat the entire lawn with a lawn fungicide as soon as possible. Use the Bayer Advanced™ Lawn Fungicide or if you prefer an organic fungicide, apply Serenade®.

Q.The green leaves on my azaleas have pale yellow speckles on them and some leaves are almost all yellow-white. There are also brown spots on the underside of the leaves. Is this insect damage?

A.Yes, this is damage caused by lacebugs. They are sap-sucking insects that feed on the leave from the undersides of the leaves. Lacebugs also feed on other shade evergreen shrubs, such as rhododendrons and Japanese Andromeda. The best control is to use a systemic insecticide, such as the Bayer Advanced™ All-in-One Rose and Flower Care. One application of this product will protect your azaleas up to 6 weeks.

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