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Grow a garden oasis for pollinators with these 4 tips


Most people view bees as just a nuisance and wish to get rid of them, but as a gardener, you understand just how beneficial these insects truly are. Like butterflies and hummingbirds, bees are pollinators …

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5 plants to keep your office space and ideas fresh


Houseplants do more than simply brighten a space and assist with the feng shui of a room. Plants help clean indoor air, boost overall health and even tend to improve memory. According to a University of …

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Master gardeners: Who are they and how do I become one?


Are you interested in learning more about gardening and horticulture? Are you passionate about topics such as sustainable gardening or plant pathology? Do you love volunteering your time to local food efforts? If the answer …

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How to protect your evergreen shrubs from winter burn


With a name like “evergreen,” you’d think these perennial plants would have no trouble maintaining their beautiful color year after year. This, however, is not always the case. Some evergreen shrubs experience what is known …

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Should I worry about frost heaving?


Temperatures have been fairly mild in many states this winter… which is good for you, but could cause problems for your plants. Frost heaving occurs when perennials are “heaved” out of the soil due to …

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6 reasons why guinea pigs make wonderful first pets

Minolta DSC

Thinking about adding a furry friend to the family? If this is your first time adopting a pet, you’ll want to explore your options before deciding on an animal. Some animals require a lot of …

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Pet Holiday Photos – Tips from a Local Pet Photographer


Do you want to take some great photos of your pet this holiday season? We spoke with Lori Gross of Red Leash Pet Photography to get the inside scoop on the best way to capture …

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Do I have to trim back hostas after the first freeze?


Preparing your perennials for winter is essential if you want to see healthy blooms in the spring. Fortunately, some plants are very low-maintenance and require little to thrive. Hostas are a great example, as they …

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How to Care for your Holiday Greens


 To keep your wreaths and swags looking their best straight through the holiday season, follow these tips:

When choosing holly, look for glossy, firm leaves with no black spots.  If berries fall off easily, the …

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Holiday lighting: Illuminating your exterior for beauty and safety this holiday season


The holidays are here & is your house ready? When loved ones arrive to celebrate the season, welcome them with a festive display outside your home. Seasonal lighting both helps your holiday spirit shine bright …

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Five fall tablescape ideas to entertain with style


When it comes to Thanksgiving, there’s no question that the main event each year is the hearty Turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing dinner you share with loved ones. Sure, some people like to enjoy the …

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Bernie Traurig’s three day intensive training at Enticement Stables – Obligation Farm, Davidsonville


United States Equestrian Team representative and founder and head coach of Bernie Traurig presented a three day intensive training at Enticement Stables/Obligation Farm, Davidsonville Deana Tice for equestrian enthusiasts of all …

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How to relieve your pet’s stress during the holidays


The holidays are a happy time for many, but this cheerful season can be stressful every now and then, too. Whether you’re traveling, hosting family, budgeting for gifts or planning parties, there’s a lot to …

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5 tips to take care of your horse this winter


Chilly winter weather means bundling up and staying indoors longer for us humans. But what does it mean for your horse? Proper winter care is essential for the health of any horse. Many horse owners, …

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Keep Your Lawn Strong – Even in the Dead Of Winter

Fall lawn

If you want a greener lawn in spring, did you know the most important time to organically fertilize your grass is the fall? Most people guess spring!
The Espoma Organic Company shares why …

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How to prepare your perennials for winter


Year after year we experience harsh winters with heavy snow, slick ice and freezing temperatures, yet our bodies never quite adapt to these unfavorable weather conditions. Sure, our Midwestern roots help us handle winters better …

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What to do with your harvest this fall

Two orange bell peppers a green bell pepper two tomatoes and som

The growing season is nearly finished, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy delicious veggies, fruit and herbs from the garden. Rather than letting excess produce go to waste, use these storing methods to …

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Five beautiful destinations to see fall foliage


Year-round warm weather sounds nice in theory, but those who live in four-season regions would miss the beautiful season of fall. A few months of cool sweater weather, pumpkin carving, holiday parties and fall comfort …

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5 Simple Tasks to Make Your Yard Look Fab This Fall


Don’t put away your garden gloves just yet. Fall is officially here, and there’s still yard work to be done! Not only does lawn maintenance keep your yard looking tidy, but it also prevents diseases …

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A convenient coservation solution: The benefits of xeriscaping


Those of us who don’t live in drought-prone areas or desert regions might use water without giving it much thought. Water, however, is a precious resource these days, and taking small steps to conserve water …

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