What’s blooming in my garden

Today we’re observing the gardenblogging phenomenon known as Garden Blogger Bloom Day, when bloggers show off their blooms on the 15th of each month.  (Then they leave the link here for all to see.)  I notice that participants are already complaining that mid-June is a sort of downtime in the garden, between the exuberance of spring and summer, and my garden seems in a lull, too.  But isn’t that like gardeners, to make excuses and say you should have seen it a week ago?

So let’s get to it.  Above left are the first butterfly bush blooms shown against a mass of plumbago in bloom (and amsonia looking glorious with no blooms at all).  And on the right is my Big June Display – two lacecap hydrangeas, an ‘Anthony Waterer’ spirea with a bunch of astilbes in front.

Above from left:  one of my many daylilies (none orange!), St. John’s Wort, and one early purple coneflower with a mass of rose campion.

Above, this oakleaf hydrangea is SO majestic and looks great for SO LONG that I recently bought four more of them and planted them much closer to the house where I can actually see them more often than I do this one located deep in the woods.  Besides their four-season beauty – thanks to long-lasting blooms and gorgeous exfoliating bark – oakleaf hydrangeas have two more great features – the deer don’t eat them (proven year after year in this deer-infested site) and they’re super-fragrant!

And on the right you see two angelwing begonias blooming happily in a pot on my front porch.

Above are just two of the many creeping Sedums I’m growing in what used to be my front-yard lawn.  On the left is Sedum kamtschaticum variegatum and on the right, the yellow blooms of Sedum rupestre ‘Blue Spruce’ shown with the white and purple blooms of the self-seeding annual Alyssum.

Finally, I’m cheating a bit by showing off a scene in my next-door neighbor’s garden.  So shoot me, but I couldn’t resist this big fragrant bloom of a ‘Little Gem’ magnolia with a mass of Flower Carpet roses in the background.

7 Responses to What’s blooming in my garden

  1. Andrea says:

    hahaha, i like that snooping and stealing a photo from the neighbor. Who can resist that beauty, i am sure many will be judged as burglars if in your situation.

  2. Garden’s looking gorgeous. And I like the way you used double and triple photo groups. i still have not figured out how to do some of those things on my blog and it makes a nice change for readers!

  3. Lovely blooms, your garden looks fabulous (as does your neighbours :) )
    Happy GBBD!

  4. Seriously, I had a much better show of flower in April and May…it got too dadgummed hot fast here…Your gardens are so pretty as well as the capture of your neighbors.

  5. Larry says:

    How I wish oakleaf hydrangeas were bud hardy here… I suspect there is tremendous value in their fall color alone and I have considered planting them for that purpose even if they never bloomed… a lovely post and I’m glad to have had the opportunity to visit! Larry

  6. Scott says:

    Lovely post…I adore those lace cap type hydrangeas…and agree about Amsonia…they are beautiful regardless of blooms!

  7. Greggo says:

    Nice tour, the hydrangeas are such great plants in June.

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