Meet Perennials Manager Lisa Winters

Here’s someone you probably recognize from the Perennials Department at our Davidsonville location – it’s Lisa Winters, floor manager for that department.  The police badge next to her is a vestige of her career before finding herself to gardening – as an Anne Arundel police officer for 20 years.  And before that, she traveled the world as a travel agent.  As she told me, it’s been a funny career path for someone who always thought she’d be a veterinarian.  I’ll say!

Lisa’s Career in Gardening
I wondered how she got sooo knowledgeable in gardening, and of course DOING it is a great way to learn but she also studied to become an Anne Arundel Master Gardener.   Her regular duties for the Master Gardener program include managing the kitchen garden at the Governor’s Mansion in Annapolis (see our earlier blog article about that garden)  and giving talks on, well, any and everything, whatever topic they need covered.

Lisa also studied horticulture at Anne Arundel Community College and earned a certificate in professional horticulture.

Currently she’s studying – again – as a fellow in the two-year LEAD Maryland Program.   It selects and then trains people who are interested in the future of Maryland agriculture, natural resources, and rural communities to be leaders in finding 21st Century solutions for Maryland in those fields.  We’re proud of Anne Arundel County’s and Homestead’s own Lisa Winters for being such a leader in the community!

But back to gardening – check out these blog stories about Lisa’s great tips for Homestead customers, and pick her brain anytime in the Perennials Department.  Remember, she gives talks on any and everything related to gardening.

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