Time to take down those old tree stakes

By Gene Sumi

One way that I try to get more exercise is to walk my daughter’s Boston terrier when my wife and I are asked to be dogsitters.  I also enjoy these walks because they also give me time to do some thinking and the opportunity to check out what’s new in my neighborhood.

What I noticed yesterday on our daily walk was that at least 8 trees planted 5 years ago on the parkway strip still had the original stakes system “supporting” these trees.  The wooden stakes were faded gray, splitting and barely holding their own, while the rusty wires with pieces of water hose attached to them were badly twisted and hanging uselessly or missing altogether.

The people who live in these particular homes probably did not know that the stakes were only a temporary measure.  But the trees are now well-established and these old staking systems are no longer needed.

I know how it is to get used to seeing something and not realize it is no longer required.  I was thinking that homeowners elsewhere are probably doing the same thing and may not be aware that it is time to remove those old stakes since they have outlived their purpose.

Photo by Cobalt123.

One Response to Time to take down those old tree stakes

  1. JTS says:

    Honestly staking systems are not even needed. They are sort of a gimmick product that makes money for the nursery industry.
    I’ve planted dozens of trees from 2 feet to 10 feet tall, and never have used them. I’ve seen several instances where they were left on too long and cutting into the trunk.

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