Curb Gardens that Accommodate Parking

by Susan Harris
When I last showed you some of my favorite curbside gardens a commenter wrote to complain.  In a nutshell they said: Sure, those tall plantings are great if you don’t have to, um, PARK and get out of your car.  True enough, so I promised to follow up with curbside gardens that WOULD work with parked cars. So here ya go.

First up,  in a sunny spot along a busy street with parking, you see some liriope, another tough-looking short grass, some of the new petunia varieties that bloom like crazy without dead-heading, and the silver foliage of the Licorice plant (Helichrysum petiolare ‘Silver Mist’).  All are super drought-tolerant except those petunias.

And for shade, how about good old hostas with liriope (for evergreen color) and strategically placed flagstones for human passage?  You don’t get much lower-maintenance than these two workhorses.

3 Responses to Curb Gardens that Accommodate Parking

  1. how about something for parts of AA Co (ie Hillsmere)where there’s no curb or sidewalk between the road and the yard…but people have to park. I have a mess of clover and grass and other stuff mixed in among the river rocks and gravel but I’d like something you can park on, that is not as expensive as permable pavers and that will help with infiltration

  2. Andrea G says:

    I’m looking for something that doesn’t need water in the western climate summer environment I live in. No irrigation in the parkway area. [that’s what we call it.] Got any ideas?

  3. Jennie, have you looked into the precast forms you put over plants so that cars can park on them? They take the weight of the cars, so the plants survive. Mondo grass is often grown in it, but the faster-spreading liriope would do the trick, also.

    And Andrea, for no watering, you can’t beat sedums – the tall ones or the short creepers. They’re the number one plant for green roofs, so you know they’re tough and drought-tolerant. I’ve replaced both my lawns with the stuff.

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