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Fall-Blooming Asters and Agastaches are Pollinator Magnets

Next time you’re here to shop or to attend the Fall Festival, stop by our Perennials Department and just listen to the buzz of bumblebees.  And no worries about getting stung – they’re know as …

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Fall Color Comes in Many Forms

How to have a knock-out garden in the fall?  Let’s count the ways.
1.  Foliage colors – it’s not just trees that are strutting their stuff in the fall

2. Fading flowers can be …

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More Fig Gigs

Seasonal Cooking with Rita Calvert~The Local Cook
If we’ve ever spent any amount of time talking, you’ll know I am fairly delirious for figs in every aspect. Last fig season …

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Masses of Daylilies at Their Peak

Happy Independence Day!  Enjoy the parades, the cook-outs and the fireworks.  Stay cool and keep your garden watered.  But there’s one more thing – enjoy the glorious daylilies at their peak.
Why Daylilies?

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Big Event Weekend Coming up – Join Us!

June 8-10 is another great event weekend at our Davidsonville location – we love these!  Join us for seminars, talks, workshops, food, fun, and a TON of perennials.

Now here’s your illustrated guide.

Friday June …

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More Native Perennials Available than Ever

Homestead is selling more native perennials than ever – check out these new ones.  For your convenience, they’re gathered together in special designated locations within our Perennials Department.

Green and Gold (Chrysogonum virginiana for the …

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More on no-mow and less-mow gardens and plants

I sure enjoyed the super-engaged audience for my talk and slide show about reducing lawns at our Spring Fling this past weekend.  How engaged?  Some have contacted us with follow-up questions – what were those …

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Spotlight on Hellebores


What better plant to give some love to in February than the winter- and early-spring blooming perennial hellebore?  And love they got at a recent Winter Workshop from perennials manager Lisa Winters and her …

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Appreciating Grasses in Winter

Last week I showed my appreciation for hollies in winter.  This week it’s ornamental grasses that are catching my eye, especially this rooftop garden dominated by grasses.  I found it at the Sheraton Hotel …

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For Late Fall and Late Winter Color, Grow Hellebores, Camellias and Pansies

For our Golden Spades event this month, Homestead’s education coordinator Gene Sumi  recommended his favorite plants for those difficult times of the year in the garden – just before winter and then late …

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Gene’s Tips for October in the Garden

On the first Tuesday of every month, Homestead’s own garden guru Gene Sumi talks to our Golden Spades Club and the number one topic is always: what to do this month …

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Plant a Moon Garden

Gene Sumi, Homestead’s Educational Coordinator, gave his popular Moon Garden talk this week to the Silver Spring Garden Club, and I’ll go out on a limb and speak for the audience – we were …

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OMG, these perennials are all half price

Yikes, I just noticed that all these perennials are 50% off – through this coming Wednesday, August 24 – as long as you’ve signed up for our Garden Club (which costs nothing).  While supplies …

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Want more blooms in August?

My old garden’s looking pretty tired right about now, and it definitely doesn’t have enough color – besides green.  So now’s the perfect time for me to look around the  neighborhood, local …

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The Fig Saga Continues

Seasonal Cooking with Rita Calvert~The Local Cook 

The Fig Saga continues with more recipes for those succulent fruits. The first one was shared with us by Homestead Gardens Davidsonville nursery …

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More Native Perennials that are Great in the Garden

This is the second installment on this popular topic.  Click here to read about Turtlehead, Coreopsis,  Spiderwort and Baptisia.


There are about 150 different Goldenrods, most of them native to the prairies, river …

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A Garden for Butterflies

Written by: Ann-Marie Sedor | Photos by: Melanie McCabe

With their brightly-hued fluttering wings, butterflies provide a beautiful dimension of movement, color and life to any garden.

As advanced insects, butterflies …

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Native Perennials that are Great in the Garden

I roamed the perennial aisles at Homestead the other day with Laurie Burr, a volunteer with the National Wildlife Federation, as she pointed out the native plants.  There were lots of them, so this is …

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Building a Paradise for Birds

Photos by: Melanie McCabe
Native or indigenous plants provide seasonal habitat benefits to wildlife that non-native plants cannot. An added bonus to native plants is that they adapt well to drought and …

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Favorite groundcovers for sun

Groundcovers are a tricky plant group to get right – they seem to either spread too quickly or too slowly – and so few of them are evergreen.  No wonder we see the same three …

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