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This Gardener got Design Help – but only for the Shrubs

by Gardening Coach Susan Harris

Readers, observe the foundation plantings in the Calvert County garden of writer Robin Ripley – they illustrate a clever and focused use of professional help in …

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Succession Planting Explained

by Susan Harris
Succession planting seems so esoteric, so advanced (to this newbie veg gardener) that I’ve been intimidated by the very notion of sowing vegetable seed throughout the season.  So I’m exploring the best …

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Grocery Gardening: The Thrill of Victory…The Agony of Defeat

Guest post by Robin Ripley of Bumblebee Blog

Forty-one million U.S. households grew some of their own food in 2009, according to the Garden Writers Association. That’s 38% of U.S. households. Thirty-seven percent were …

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