With options ranging from nutritious green beans to filling potatoes, planting a garden is a great way to stock your home with delicious and fresh food. But you aren't the only one who will find your plants appetizing. Every year, gardeners struggle trying to keep bunnies from nibbling on their vegetables and greenery. Fortunately, you don't have to struggle this season. These three strategies will keep bunnies off your plants for good. Here are 3 ideas to keep the bunnies off your plants!

Put Up a Fence

A wire fence about three feet high will prevent bunnies from eating your plants, but it won't make it difficult for you to access your garden. If you're not a fan of the fenced-in look, don't worry. There are alternative solutions you can use to keep bunnies away, and they are just as effective. 

Stop Them with Scents

When bunnies smell a scent that is unpleasant to them or signals trouble, they will flee. There are many great rabbit repellents out there that are designed to make bunnies head the opposite direction of your garden without causing them any harm. Homestead Gardens recommends using Messina Wildlife Rabbit Stopper or EnviroPro Rabbit Scram, which you can find in either of our store locations. 

Remove Nest Areas Near the Garden

When rabbits see brush or dense vegetation, they often want to settle and nest. Keep your lawn mowed and remove weeds and brush to prevent bunnies from turning your lawn into their home. 

You don't have to let your garden become an open buffet for bunnies nearby. Use these three strategies to protect your plants and keep your garden growing. 

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