Want to brighten your garden or landscape for spring? Look no further. These stunning beauties will add splashes of lavish color throughout your yard so you can enjoy a bounty of hues morning, noon and night.


Sweet, simple petunias are a garden classic. Blooms can be solid colors, such as bubblegum pink or vivacious fuchsia. This showstopper can also feature a solid center with a winter-white rim.

Tips: Petunias adore full sun, so make sure to plant them where they can drink up the rays for most of the day. They can thrive in moderate to poor soil; simply add a bit of fertilizer and water once or twice a week. These semi-hardy plants can handle a light frost, but can't tolerate a hard freeze.

Proven Winners Superbells Cherry Star CalibrachoaCalibrachoa

Providing hundreds of little bell-like blooms turned to the sky, calibrachoa is a low-maintenance plant that packs a colorful punch. They are available in virtually every hue of the rainbow, from dreamscicle orange to firetruck red.

Tips: Plant in spring and you'll enjoy color throughout summer into fall's first frost. With long, cascading branches, calibrachoa are great for tall containers or hanging baskets, allowing you to add vertical visual interest to your garden spaces. Like petunias, calibrachoa likes sun, so avoid shady spaces.


With a variety of leaf sizes and shapes, plus colored foliage in breathtaking combinations of green, yellow, pink, red, purple and maroon, coleus is the perfect way to add color to otherwise drab corners of your yard.

Tips: Coleus thrives in the shade. In fertile, well-draining soil they can grow surprisingly fast. Keep on top of watering, especially when you first transfer the plants. While the leaves are colorful alone, coleus also produces spiky flowers in the summer. Some people choose to keep the flowers and others cut them to maintain visual interest on the gorgeous leaves.

As the days get longer and the bees begin to buzz, it's the perfect time to indulge your green thumb with some gardening. With these three colorful plant varieties, your eyes will be in for a treat all season long.

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