Owning a horse can be a truly rewarding experience, but it does come with some challenges. One of those challenges is knowing how to take proper care of your horse. With so many conflicting ideas and instructions out there, how are you supposed to know the best routines or nutrition guidelines to follow? You can start by learning which ideas are wrong. These four horse care myths are just that & myths. They should be recognized as such when it comes to determining the best care practices.

Myth #1

Bran mash helps sooth the horse's digestive system

Many horse owners are under the impression that bran mash is not only good for their pet's digestive system, but that it also warms the horse on a chilly day. Both of these ideas are false, however, and bran mash can actually upset your horse's stomach as these animals do not handle sudden changes to their diet well.

Myth #2

Horses require a blanket in the winter

Horses that are very young, old or mostly inactive can benefit from a blanket when it's cold. It is essential, however, that you frequently check under the blanket to ensure your horse is not developing a skin infection from the fabric.

Myth #3

Grain is better for your horse than hay/forage

Some horses can maintain good health by eating only hay and forage. Horses that do require a little grain in their diet are those who work hard frequently (show horses, race horses, etc.), but even these horses need more hay/forage in their diet than they do grain.

Myth #4

Hot, sweaty horses should not drink cold water or large quantities of water

Letting your hot horse drink large amounts of water or very cold water is not going to cause colic, like the myth describes. It will, however, prevent your horse from getting dehydrated!

One of the best ways to separate fact from fiction is to first learn what's false. Keep these myths in mind when searching for better care solutions to keep your horse happy and healthy.

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