Want to raise your kids as happy, veggie-loving individuals? Dig up a patch of earth in your backyard and let them help with their own garden plot!

When kids are actively involved in their own garden plot, they earn some valuable, sun-soaked fun in the dirt away from their electronic screens.

They’ll also experience the wonder of watching the seed transform into a plant that produces beautiful blooms or tasty veggies. By the way, with a vested interest in greens, they’re more likely to chow down, right? We hope so, anyway.

Offer an Array of Choices

Draw up a list of easy-to-grow seeds, and allow the kids to choose which ones they’d like to plant and grow. Or, ask for help in picking a theme. For example, who wouldn't love a pizza garden, featuring tomatoes, peppers, basil and garlic?

Kids Gardening Tool SetInclude Them with Their Own Tools

Homestead Gardens stores offer gloves and tools for gardening that are sized specifically for kids (and priced specifically for moms). Invest in a set to make it easy for kids to help and feel included. We love the bright colors of Briers Kids Collection!

Make an Outdoor Cleanup Station

It will be far easier for Mom and Dad to accept the dirty fingers and toes if they don’t add to indoor cleanup. Keep an empty bin outside with a hose and an old towel.

Keep Them Involved

Gardening requires a certain amount of waiting and diligence. When you’re working with excited, distracted kids, that gets tricky. That’s especially true once the excitement of planting seeds wears off. Work your gardening chores into your routine and always invite them to help with watering and weeding. When these tasks take place at the same time, kids will learn to accept their roles with little prompting. When harvest time comes, let them help you with the picking, and at the end, they’ll feel a sense of accomplishment!

Before you get started, stock up on everything you and your kids need for your garden plot at Homestead Gardens.

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