Living in the city has its perks, but you're ready for something new, something different. You might even be ready to escape the bustling city altogether and finally try out the lifestyle you've always dreamed about a life on the farm. While you're not ready to drop everything and dedicate your days to growing crops and tending to livestock, you can get a taste for farming by starting your own hobby farm. Here are five signs that a hobby farm is right for you.

5 signs you might be ready for your own hobby farm:

1. You long for the simple, country life

While some people thrive on the energy and noise found in cities and towns, others prefer a quieter environment. If the idea of being surrounded by fields rather than houses or apartment buildings sounds enticing to you, a hobby farm might be the perfect fit.

2. You love animals

More specifically, you like the idea of owning goats, chickens and maybe even some cows. If you prefer house pets to livestock, however, a hobby farm is probably not something you should pursue. Finding a country home to settle down in might be preferable.

3. You enjoy the satisfaction of providing for yourself

Owning a hobby farm gives you the opportunity to grow your own food and raise livestock for milk, meat and eggs. It allows you to become more self-sufficient, which many people find satisfying.

4. You prefer locally grown food

By providing for yourself, you not only get to enjoy the satisfaction of being self-sufficient, but you also are supporting environmental efforts to eat locally grown food. Growing produce and raising livestock gives you control of the quality of your food as well, helping you make healthier choices. 

5. You like hard work

Starting your own hobby farm isn't easy, but if you enjoy the results of hard work you'll find a hobby farm can be very rewarding.


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