Water is a precious resource, and just like people need water to thrive, so do your plants. While watering plants is essential, there are ways to use the resource thoughtfully to prevent waste. Here are five efficient practices you can use to start saving water without sacrificing the health of your plants.

1. Save Boiled Water

If you're using water to steam vegetables or cook pasta, why not recycle the water afterward by using it to take care of your plants? This simple change can help you save water both in the kitchen and out in the garden.

2. Invest in Water-Saving Equipment

Soaker hoses can target water so you water only the plants, rather than a general area. Homestead Gardens has a variety of water-saving hoses you can check out, as well as Contech sprinklers that work with low or high pressure.

3. Cover the Soil with Mulch

Water in the soil can evaporate without any protection. Use mulch to cover the soil and prevent water from escaping. Mulch can be wood chippings, straw, hay, compost, leaf mold or grass clippings.

4. Avoid Automatic Systems

Using an automatic sprinkler isn't necessarily bad, but it's important to check the forecast to prevent watering your plants on a rainy day. Otherwise you run the risk of not only wasting water, but over-watering your garden as well.

5. Target the Roots

Spraying only your plant leaves with water will cause them to wilt. It's the roots of a plant that need the water, so be sure to target the soil and root area each time you water (a soaker is especially handy for this reason).

There are many ways we can reduce our water use and lesson our impact on the environment. One way to save water is to incorporate these efficient practices into your gardening routine. For more ideas on water conservation and gardening best practices, check out Homestead Gardens website or visit our store today.

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