By Jane Blanchard

The summer season is upon us and that means hotter temperatures are in store for everyone. Even though there is no escaping the sun, people enjoy spending time in their backyard with family and friends. To make it more comfortable, you can use practical ideas to cope with the heat. Check out these 5 ways to cool down in a hot backyard.

Snow Cones

Who can resist the taste of strawberry or cherry drizzled on crushed ice? Snow cones are a great and inexpensive way to cool down. You don’t have to buy a fancy machine to make this icy goodness at home. Simply grab your blender and your tub of ice can turn into slush in a few minutes. Drizzle on some store-bought snow cone syrup and you and your whole family can enjoy the perfect refreshment on a hot day in your backyard.

Wading Pool

Taking a dip in a pool is a perfect way to cool down in the summer. If you are on a strict budget, that does not mean you can’t indulge in some pool time! The kids can play water games, toss the beach ball around and scream Marco Polo with their friends in a plastic wading pool. Adults can cool off by dipping their toes in the water. Having this oasis in your backyard is an ideal way to have some summer fun with family and friends.


Water Misters

Do you want to sit in your backyard patio or deck and avoid feeling the heat of the sun? Misters are a good way to get a spritz of continuous cold water in and around the area where you choose to relax. Kids can also run through the mister any time they feel like it is too hot. You can make it a family affair by grabbing your swimsuits and running through the water. The cool grass and cold blast will help you forget the heat.

Water Balloon Fight

Who can resist a fun water balloon fight? Ask your kids to fill up balloons with water and then place them in a bucket. Start targeting your friends and family and listen to the laughter erupt in your backyard. This is a practical and inexpensive way to cool down without too much hassle. You can also add a prize or reward at the end as a way to provide further incentive for everyone to participate.

DIY Water Slide

Summer isn’t complete unless you experience a water slide. You can buy one at the store or make it at home with a piece of plastic and a hose. Whatever slide you choose, set it up in the backyard and watch as your kids hurl their bodies on the cold surface. To make it extra slippery add some baby shampoo to the water stream. The kids will be slipping and sliding so much the sun will not bother them at all!

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