From solving drainage issues to lending aesthetic appeal, landscape rocks serve many purposes in your outdoor design. Whether you’re looking for a landscape makeover or simply need to some texture and contrast, rocks and gravel are a virtually maintenance-free solution. Here are some ways to use landscape and decorative stones in your outdoor space:

Start with Quality Rock

Landscaping rocks come in all different sizes and colors to complement your existing outdoor design. Rock is durable and will last for years, so it’s important to choose a variety you’re willing to stick with. Be sure it fits with your long-term landscaping vision.

Replace Mulch

While rocks might cost more than mulch, they last much longer. You’ll need to replace mulch with every new season, but rocks will last the lifetime of your garden. Try light-colored stones for a stunning contrast against the dark green leaves of your plants.

Create a Focal Point

There’s nothing more eye-catching than an unusually shaped boulder, especially in larger gardens. Use it to break up the space between unruly bushes and shrubs or as a simple, low-maintenance centerpiece design.

Plant a Rock Garden

Do you have a seemingly useless backyard corner? Don’t let that space go to waste. Create a rock garden sprinkled with climate-appropriate plant life. There are plenty of low-maintenance plants that thrive in rocky areas like rock cress, sedum and alyssum.

Make a Path

Are you stuck with those shady areas where there is too little sun for plants to grow? A stepping-stone path is a practical and charming way to fill up this space. Use large stepping stones and surround them with tiny pebbles in a complementary color. Mix and match sizes of stones to create visual interest throughout the pathway.

Energize your garden design with the simplicity of landscape rock. Use any of these ideas for a fresh new take on your outdoor space.

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