Written by: Ann-Marie Sedor | Photos by: Melanie McCabe

This Sunday, millions of moms will be presented with a bouquet of cut flowers. But why give the predictable when there are so many other original, lasting gifts to be found at Homestead Gardens?

Endless Summer Hydrangea

The classic shrub has been updated to outbloom and outperform like no other hydrangea you’ve ever seen. The continuous blooms all summer long on both old and new wood will provide moms with long-lasting cut flowers until fall. And, depending on her favorite color, stop by our Garden Supply department to include a bottle of sulfur to create akaline soil for blue blooms or garden lime for acidic soil and pink blooms.


From the calming fragrance of Lavender to the uplifting notes of Agave Nectar, both the bath & body and home fragrance lines Thymes products are a classic gift that will never fail to please. And, Thymes’ beautifully designed bottles will never stay hidden in the bathroom cabinet.

Gardening Gloves

Even mothers who like to dig into the dirt prefer to keep their hands clean. Homestead Gardens has lots of simply adorable gloves that will protect her manicured nails from the elements.

Hanging Baskets

A hanging basket filled with bright, lush blooms for sun or shade is a perfect gift to welcome mom home every day. Elegant fuchsia, vibrant verbena, petite bacopa and more are beautiful addition to the front porch or simply and instantly dropped into a pretty container next to the front door.

Strawberry Plants

Who doesn’t love a fresh-picked strawberry? And now, growing them at home is as easy as, well, strawberry pie. Homestead Gardens carries  several everbearing varieties that provide fruit throughout the season, giving mothers everywhere extra incentive to eat healthy.

Ray Evison Clematis

For moms who absolutely love cottage gardens, the Ray Evison line of clematis are a must-give. Developed on the British isle of Guernsey, these stunning climbing vines come in more colors and sizes than ever before to give your mother a perfect slice of an English country garden.


The Victorian trend of nestling miniature plants in glass houses is back in a big way, but with a modern twist. Any type of glass enclosure works, though Homestead Gardens has one of the most original. Serve up an Enviro-Cake, a perfect little ecosystem under the decorative dome of a cake stand! It will make mom want to host a dinner party just so she can display this stunning tabletop garden as the centerpiece.

Granite Owls

These little guys are even cuter in person and are surprisingly addictive. Give one to mom and she may just come back to adopt more! Hand-carved from single pieces of granite, each of these little critters have unique faces and characteristics. The artisans who design and create these stone friends only supply independent retailers so your gift promises to be original.


According to Trollbeads, “every bead tells a story,” and what a conversation-starter these are. Mixing and matching colorful glass beads with rich silver or gold charms give moms a way to wear their memories. Each season brings new choices, so she can always update the interchangeable beads. (Trollbeads are at the Davidsonville store only.)

Laura Ashley

April showers are not over yet, so make sure mom steps out on a dreary day in style. The sweet floral designs that Laura Ashley became famous for are now on a complete line of outdoor accessories, though umbrellas are just the beginning. The theme is continued on wellie boots, gloves and tool sets. (Laura Ashley items are at the Davidsonville store only.)

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