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You may have read that we're having a "blow-out" sale on a whole bunch of shrubs for "unbeatable prices" - 3-gallon plants for $12 or $15.  Well, it's one thing to read that and another thing to see how HUGE these plants are, especially the Blue Billow Hydrangeas, of which I bought 6 for my empty new garden.  They're the lacecap type that I love and they stay nice and compact - 4-5 feet by 4-5 feet - with no pruning.  They prefer shade, even full shade, of which I have plenty.  Their blooms are a lovely blue, and the leaves even have nice fall color.  So, I grabbed a half-dozen of them to line the shady side of my new porch.


Here's what else is just $15 for this 3-gallon size: Winter Gem Boxwood (reg. $39.99), Green Mountain Boxwood (reg. $39.99), Gulf Stream Nandina (reg. $34.99), Gold Mop Thread-Leaf Cypress (reg. $34.99), Blue Shadow Fothergilla  (reg. $34.99), Invincibelle Spirit Hydrangea (reg. $39.99),   Bombshell Hydrangea (reg. $29.99), Dappled Willow (reg. $29.99), Sango Kaku Japanese Maple (reg. $69.99), and Bloodgood Japanese Maple (reg. $59.99).

Notice, smart shoppers, that the regular prices are as much as 70 bucks each.

And these next shrubs are even cheaper, just $12 for 3-gallon-size plants: Variegated Aucuba (reg. $34.99), Rose Glow Barberry (reg. $29.99), Crimson Pygmy Barberry  (reg. $29.99), Royal Burgundy Barberry (reg. $29.99), Compacta Japanese Holly (reg. $29.99),Helleri Japanese Holly (reg. $29.99), Sky Pencil Holly (reg. $34.99), Manhattan Euonymus  (reg. $29.99), Henry's Garnet Sweetspire (reg. $29.99), and Hetz Midget Arborvitae (reg. $29.99).



I've Been Shopping

To fill my new garden on a budget I also brought home: 3 Winter Gem Boxwoods, a Blue Shadow Fothergilla and 3 Invincible Spirit Hydrangeas.  So now you know there are really no hydrangeas I can resist.

The sale runs through our Crape Myrtle Festival, which ends next Sunday, July 22.

Photo credits:  Blue Billow bloomInvincibelle Spirit.

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