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Raising Awareness

Homestead Gardens increased their food growing fields and greenhouses dramatically resulting in abundant produce selling in many regional spots as well as their new kiosk at the Market House of City Dock, Annapolis. Events, festivals and workshops at Homestead Gardens helped us learn more about growing while having a blast.



What is up-and-coming for food and Homestead Gardens?

You can rest assured local and sustainable food will play a big role!

The Year in Sustainable Food

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation has won the attention of President Obama, who declared the Chesapeake Bay to be a National Treasure and demanded a Bay cleanup plan of action from his cabinet; of course the food is connected to our Bay.

We also launched the 1st ever cooking class at The Chesapeake Bay Foundation to show the link of agriculture to the food we eat. We had a grand time.

The First Garden of the White House gets the First Hoophouse in December 2009. This enables the White House to grow food year-round. Kitchen Gardeners International tells of other extraordinary events for 2009 in our sustainable food world.

Great Kids Farm

Considered a sustainable gem buried off a dirt road in the midst of suburban strip center sprawl, Great Kids Farm has been operating for over a year now-teaching groups about all aspects of sustainable farming. The story of kindness begins when Reverend George Freeman Bragg originally built the home  for orphaned African American children during the early part of the 20th century. The property is now owned by the Baltimore City Schools under the direction of Tony Garaci, head of food and nutrition with Greg Strella as head farmer and farm educator. To find out how you can visit Great Kids Farm, contact the City Schools Office of Food and Nutrition Services through the Command Center at 443-984-2000.





[caption id="attachment_1474" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="The Goat Guys (my good buddies) at Great Kids Farm"]


Trying to eat sustainable food on a budget had us all getting creative especially in 2009 Eating Real Food on a Budget. This post by Food Renegade was the most viewed of any in 2009.

Edible Chesapeake









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