After moving to a new city, most people like to spend time getting to know their new community. They might spend a day walking around the neighborhood, checking out the nearby shops and restaurants, who the locals are and where the good trails are for running or biking. 

If you've just moved, it's also a good idea to familiarize yourself with your new home's landscaping. These four tips will help you assess your yard and determine what changes can be made to improve it. 

Inspect Landscaping for Damage

Maybe the previous owners neglected to get rid of a tree's dead branches, or perhaps the concrete patio is worn and cracked. Take time to inspect your landscaping and note any damage that needs attention. After you're done, determine which damage should be taken care of now, and what tasks can be completed when you have the time and budget. 

Get to Know the Region's Weather Patterns

Did you move from a warm-weather region to a city that experiences all four seasons? Does the first frost come sooner or later than it did where you previously lived? Get to know your new home's climate before making any changes to your landscaping — this will allow you to choose the best plants for your region, and prevent you from planting at the wrong time. If you've recently moved to Maryland, for example, your garden can experience frost anywhere from late October to mid-April, which might be very different than what you've expected in the past if you've moved from a southern state. 

Learn Where the Sun and Shade Spots Are in Your Yard

It's important to know which areas in your yard receive full or partial sun and which spots are shaded. That way, you can choose flowers, grasses and shrubs that will thrive in the exact locations you intend to plant them. 

Research Native Plants You Can Add to Your Landscaping 

Native plants require less maintenance and are much more resilient than non-native species. Take some time to research what plants are considered native to your region, which will help you design landscaping that lasts. 

When you move into a new home, getting to know your landscaping can help you plan and design a beautiful yard. 


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