There are many people out there who love plants. There are some, however, who love nature but don’t have the time to care for their own garden or can’t seem to keep anything alive. If you know someone who loves plants, but isn’t what you’d call a “green thumb,” an air plant is the perfect gift. They’re low maintenance and they look great!

What are air plants?

Air plants are houseplants that grow without soil. They’re known as tillandsia and are native to the southern United States all the way down to Argentina. When they’re found in their native locations, they’re generally nestled into rocks, tree branches and rooftops. They’re so versatile they can even be seen on power lines. Air plants can be found naturally in woodlands, deserts and rainforests and they produce beautiful flowers. Unlike other plants, however, they don’t need soil because the leaves absorb moisture and the roots secure the plants in one place.

Growing air plants at home

Because they are so low maintenance, there are only a few steps to keep them growing indoors. First, place the plant where it can get plenty of filtered sunlight. Second, be sure to water it by submerging it in water for 12 hours. The plant will absorb only as much water as it needs. Submerging the plant should give it enough water for up to two weeks.

This holiday season, consider giving your plant-loving friends and family members air plants to spruce up their homes. Available in Homestead Gardens' Houseplant department.

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