by Susan Harris
Does your dining room look like this?  Yeah, mine, either.  But for my friend Cheryl in the Northern Neck of Virginia, this is just the beginning of the putting up she and her hubby are up to their elbows in this time of year.  Pretty impressive to me, having never canned or preserved any foodstuff in my whole life.  (Okay, and barely having grown any food until recently.)

And check out their stash of Brunswick stew, as of almost a month ago.  Remember this delectable, old-fashioned dish served in the old taverns in Colonial Williamsburg?   My whole family adored it and we'd go out of our way to stop off and get some on the way home from the beach.  I tried some of Cheryl's  (actually made by her manly, football-coaching husband!) and it was deelish!

Next, here's just part of the garden where all this food comes from (minus the chicken in that stew, which they acquire in the usual, modern way).

I remembered Cheryl's impressive canning operation the other day when I received some recommended sites on the subject from the University of Maryland.    It's just another service of their outstanding  Grow It Eat It program, via its page on Facebook.  (Highly recommended!)

Now to beautify this great list from Grow It Eat It, how about a photo of Cheryl doing her daily checking of the crab pots?  This is one of the four that she's allowed to have along this creek, which leads to the Potomac River just about where it meets the Chesapeake Bay.  Pretty glam-looking crabber, I'd say.



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