I'll use any excuse to visit River Farm, the estate on the Potomac that's home to the American Horticultural Society, and their plant sale last weekend fit the bill.   The gardens were looking better than ever, especially their newest eco-gardening demonstration project, the Green Garage, which you see above in the distance.   Below left you see its permeable driveway filled in with Mondo grass and on the right, its green roof.

Below is a really fun feature in a spot that would otherwise just be more lawn - turf grown over the structure of an outdoor sofa!  It simply demanded a model showing its use, and my friend Nancy, a longtime AHS member, was nice enough to pose for us.


The tulips were at their peak and I can't believe I forgot to get a shot of them gracing the front of the mansion.  Fortunately, regular visitor Jim Sohn took one and gave me permission to use it (with the suggestion that credit go to "the many volunteers who spend countless hours in the gardens").

Finally, looking still spent from the previous season is the famous Bluemel Meadow, the meadow with its own extensive web resources. The AHS has turned a gardening challenge into another terrific demonstration project.

Homestead Gardens is a long-time supporter of the American Horticultural Society, and our Don Riddle even serves on its board.

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