Here it is Thanksgiving week and I can hardly believe I'm showing off annuals, in pots -  still.  They're the container plantings that Homestead Annuals Manager Kerry Kelley helped me with back in April, and that you saw again at mid-summer.

Annuals in Pots


Not all the plants are still here, though - I removed a couple to make room for a red cabbage - because mixing ornamentals and edibles is ever-so practical, right?  Except that this cabbage has clearly fed the cabbage loopers and no one else.  Next year I'll try some Bt, or switch to spinach, a fall crop that the loopers disdain like kids and broccoli.  But look at those Cali's, will ya?  That's the nickname for Calibrachoas, which I won't even try to remember.


Potted Annuals

Some night soon this nonhardy Euphorbia will bite the dust - or I could bring it indoors and use it to doll up some pointsettias.  (Photos of that combination coming soon).



Finally, my great new love in potted annuals is this outstanding geranium-  the Vancouver Centennial.  Still with the stunning foliage, and still blooming its heart out.
Thanks to Kerry for guiding me in my choices of long-lasting plants for the location of honor in my garden - in pots on the front porch.   With her help, my horizons have finally expanded beyond petunias and sweet potato vine.   As much as I love them - still - she made me see that the cool thing about annuals is trying new ones every year.

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