Gardening and birding go hand in hand. If you love tending the soil or designing a stunning landscape, chances are you also love to see feathered friends visit your natural oasis. Fortunately, there are many steps you can take to increase the amount and variety of birds that visit your yard.


To a bird, plants provide food and shelter. Try to include select plants strategically in your garden. Trees are always a good option, but small bushes and shrubs can be effective too, especially if you have a smaller backyard. Ask your local Homestead Gardens expert for suggestions.

bird perched on birdbathWater Source

Many people think about food, but birds also need water to survive. A clean bubbling fountain is a haven to birds, offering a place for a fresh drink or a quick bath. For areas that experience deep freeze, consider a heated birdbath and watch your yard become a favorite daily stop for birds of all kinds.

Feeder Placement

Strategic bird feeder placement will encourage birds to visit repeatedly. Place in a safe space away from the house but also away from shrubs and lower trees. Predators can jump up on the feeder and scare birds if they have access from the surrounding flora.

bird eating black oil sunflower seedSeed Selection

If you want a good general feed to attract a variety of birds, look for options packed with black oil sunflower seed. To attract a specific type of bird, research seed developed with that variety in mind. Remember, bird feeders with dry seed should be cleaned monthly.

The experts at Homestead Gardens trust premium brands like Lyric Wild Bird Food and Cole's Wild Bird for their own feeders!


Beyond food, water and shelter, invite feathered friends to stay awhile (and return year after year) by adding a birdhouse. You're sure to enjoy watching bird families utilize the structure to raise their young. What's more, today's broad designs of birdhouses can serve as a beautiful addition that enhances the aesthetic of any garden or landscape space. Homestead Gardens carries a wide assortment of quality made birdhouses sure to stand the test of time.

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