There is nothing that will tease the interest of your neighbors more than when you start grilling some meat and vegetables in your backyard. It doesn't matter if you prefer gas, charcoal or an electric grill, the scent of your food cooking will cause a bit of envy among your neighbors. This can be avoided, of course, if you invite them over for a backyard barbecue celebration!

When it comes to perfecting your backyard grill masterpiece, Weber grills have you covered. They're designed to deliver and maintain the right temperature so your food cooks perfectly. As you're planning your barbecued or grilled meals this summer, use these tips to determine what grill best fits your grilling style:

Charcoal, Gas or Electric

If you live in an apartment or a community where open flames are not permitted, the electric grill allows you to enjoy your grilled food while following the rules. Since the debate between charcoal and gas grills will continue through eternity, it's a matter of your preference. Charcoal and wood grills take longer to prep, but they also infuse the foods with additional flavors provided by the materials that are burning. Gas grills are much faster, easier to keep the temperature maintained and have less mess to clean when you're done grilling.

Number of Gas Burners

Two burners running the entire length of the grill box is the minimum recommendation to ensure your foods are cooked evenly no matter where you place them on the grill. Higher-quality grills will have burners controlled independently of each other. It's best to avoid grills that only have "low," "medium" and "high" settings because they don't allow you to adequately cook different varieties of food. Some grills will come with a side burner, so you can cook different food options at various temperatures at the same time. And for the kings (or queens) of the neighborhood barbecue, there are grills that have four or six burners, allowing you to be a master chef in your own backyard.

Accessories Available

From rib racks and rotisserie features, to shrimp and vegetables skewers or brushes and utensils, the right grilling accessories make the job easier. Homestead Gardens has the largest showroom of Weber grills and accessories in the area. The Davidsonville store has a 1,000-sq. ft. showroom, and the Severna Park store is almost as large. You'll be able to find the perfect Weber grill for your summer grilling needs, plus all the accessories that will help you perfect your culinary masterpieces. Additionally, Homestead Gardens can order anything Weber makes, just in case you don't see something on our showroom floors.

Let the grilling season begin!

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