A Beginner's Guide to Gardening
Topic #3: Easy Plants to Grow in the Chesapeake Bay Region

Welcome back to Homestead Gardens Beginner's Guide to Gardening. In this installment we'll discuss some of the easier plants to grow in your vegetable garden with a few helpful tips to produce healthy crops throughout the season.

The Chesapeake Bay region's climate consists of hot summers and moderate fall temperatures, and this gives you ample time and great conditions to plant a number of delicious veggies. Homestead Gardens wants to help you enjoy juicy vegetables this summer and fall.

Here's a list of easy plants to grow in any starter garden:



The key to growing carrots is providing the root vegetable with enough soil to allow it to grow beneath the surface. Whether you’re growing carrots in a pot or a vegetable garden, make sure the soil is at least one foot deep. Carrots are ready for harvest once the tops poke through the soil line.


Known as a super food, spinach is an excellent source of nutrients and vitamins, so it's one of the best additions to any vegetable garden. Sow the seeds directly into the garden and wait for the leaves to grow. This is a great veggie because you can pick the leaves continuously as they become big enough to encourage new growth. Spinach is great in the Chesapeake Bay region, as the seeds can germinate in soil temps as low as 35 degrees.

Green Beans

Broad beans are one of the easiest vegetables to grow, and they give you multiple harvesting options; you can wait for the pod to split and enjoy the ripe beans inside, or pick the pod and eat it whole.



The best way to care for your tomatoes is to provide them with small amounts of water and a lot of sun. This combination will allow the juicy fruit to grow all summer long.


Plant your cucumbers with a generous amount of organic materials and good fertilization. Make sure to pick them regularly to increase production.

The best way to learn about gardening is to try new things. Stop by either of our Homestead Gardens locations and talk with our experienced gardening staff for a little inspiration for your next harvest. You can also find a wide variety of seed packets to take home so you can start planting.



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