Every spring you plant your garden and dream of the beautiful blooming flowers soon to come. Those dreams are quickly diminished, though, if your plants haven't quite taken off like you'd imagined by the end of the season. There could be a variety of factors at play here. One could be the types of plants you're buying. Learn how sun exposure can impact your garden and which native flowers you should grow in your sunny yard instead.  

Sun or Shade?

Plants are often broken up into four categories: full sun, part sun, part shade and full shade. Plants categorized as part or full shade need protection for at least part of the day. Not providing this protection can cause your flowers to become scorched. Full-sun plants, on the other hand, thrive in direct sunlight all day long. If your yard has limited shade, give your garden the chance to grow by planting flowers and grasses that love the sun.

Here's a Quick List of Full-Sun Maryland Natives to Consider:

  • Amsonia blue ice
  • Pickerel weed
  • Geranium Macrorrhizum 
  • Broad-leaved cattail
  • Heliopsis Summer Sun 
  • Northern bayberry
  • New England aster
  • Moss phlox

Growing a beautiful garden is a lot easier when you choose plants that do well in the types of environments you're providing. Visit your local Homestead Gardens today to learn more about full-sun plants and the best species to grow in your yard. 

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