Oh, boy.   Almost every day now there's something new blooming.  So it's certainly worth wandering the neighborhood with a camera - I know you'll agree.  Here's a  sampling from my Takoma Park neighborhood this weekend.

Blooming Plants

That camelia has survived decades with little more than yearly pruning and it's having a particularly good bloom this year.  The spirea is one of the very popular new types with chartreuse foliage that light up a border all season.  As a bonus, it's also the first plant in my garden to leaf out and bloom.  It just needs a trim-and-shape after those blooms fade.   I'm such a fan, I'll be buying two more this season to help fill up my newly enlarged borders.  Spireas are do-ers!





Koreanspice viburnum (V. carlesii) isn't the showiest of the bunch, even in bloom.  But man, can it waft an aroma.   This one in my neighbor's garden greets my olfactories every time I open my front door.

Text and photos by Susan Harris

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