If your yard or property needs a refresher, Homestead Gardens award-winning Landscaping Division can help you with everything from generating design ideas to finding plant varieties that may not available in retail stores. Plus, once you have your landscaping structured and planted, our Landscaping Professionals can help you with maintenance so it continues to look good every year.

Homestead Gardens Landscaping staff knows the Chesapeake area well. Our staff can advise you on the types and varieties of plants that thrive in this region based on the soil structure, temperatures and sunlight patterns. For both business and residential properties, our landscaping services can help you with the following:hardscape


* Develop ideas for the space that may involve plants, pavers, landscaping materials and/or structural elements like water features or fire rings.

* Provide you with an extensive plant list designed for the soil conditions and the region where your property is located. If you prefer maintenance-free options, our staff will be sure to provide you with plenty of options.


* Oversee all the construction of your landscaping project, including those handled by outside contractors, such as pool, irrigation or outdoor lighting installation.

* Ongoing maintenance of the project, including pruning and trimming, as well as adding the appropriate fertilizers and pesticides when needed.

Having your landscaping done professionally can add tremendous value to your home or business. So give us a call, and the Homestead Gardens Landscaping staff will help you through every step of the project.

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