What's New?  Double the Events

Good news for Homestead's customers of a certain age (50 and up)!  Our monthly gatherings for talks by Education Coordinator Gene Sumi will be offered twice a month starting soon - the first week in March.  Our regular 1st Tuesday Golden Spades event will continue to be held in Davidsonville, but later that same week (roughly the 1st Thursday) the same topic will be covered at our Severna Park store.  This change is in response to the many requests Gene has gotten for a "make-up" day by people who can't attend on Tuesdays or for whom Severna Park is much more convenient.  So If you can't attend meetings on Tuesdays at Davidsonville, you can now catch the same meeting on the following Thursday at Severna Park or vice versa.  The times for both meetings will be at 10:00 am.

More changes? Complimentary coffee is now being supplied by Homestead's cafe operator, and our notifications to members are being improved too.  Suggestions for more changes are always welcome!

The March meetings (Tuesday March 5 at Davidsonville and Thursday March 7 at Severna Park) are titled Building Great Soil for Growing Great Plants, and will cover soil testing and what makes good soil that will support the needs of your plants.

About the Golden Spades

The Golden Spades group is now in its tenth year, so it's no surprise that the demand has grown over that time.  More than 40 people gathered for this month's event, shown in the photo above.  

What's involved in becoming a "member"?  Anyone who attends the events or puts their name on our email list for notifications is officially a member.  (Yes, it's that informal, and free.)

Members (or attendees, more accurately) get to learn not just from our guru Gene but also from each other.  As mentioned here on the blog, at the last meeting members shared with the group their own tips for the best performance from their Knockout roses.

And who better to learn gardening from than other experienced gardeners in the general area? Or who better to get to know socially, for that matter? In the neighborhood I moved to a year ago, most of my new best friends are avid gardeners.  I met them by writing to our local email group to offer extra plants or ask for theirs, or simply by walking by their much-loved gardens when they were working in them and striking up a conversation.  Gardeners never run out of things to talk about, do we?

So join us!  The information is solid, the crowd friendly, and it's a nice way to spend a weekday morning - in a not-too-crowded garden center, with discount coupons handed out, too.   Gene welcomes suggestions for topics.

Soil photo credit.    

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