Be Inspired Seasonally with Rita Calvert

An all-time favorite tree and scene is Chesapeake Nautical...near and dear to our hearts on the Mid-Atlantic coast. Our beloved sailboats hang from the holiday tree as well as being Santa's calling card. Sprays of the state flower, Black-Eyed Susans, along with bunches of cattails are botanical pops of color. Lighthouses, osprey and herons all keep a watchful eye on the Chesapeake and our holiday.IMG_7337


Holiday Decorations 

A barnacle encrusted planter, a license plate highlighting "Our Bay", a lighthouse plaque for the wall and charming drinking glasses from Cat Studios featuring The Chesapeake.


 With the impressionistic painting, you can just feel the peace of sailboats at rest.


 Our corduroy-clad Santa comes barreling down a ladder from the ceiling while spilling colorful "bubbles" from his paint cans!

IMG_7153A life-size Nutcracker welcomes us to "The Santa" department for young and old alike.

IMG_7162 No restrained holiday style here! ... a tree so filled with candy and confections, it makes you dizzy! Fantasy iced donut ornaments, spritely gingerbread boys and girls, candy canes, pinwheel candies and miniature gingerbread houses perch on the ladened tree.



The loaded Shazam tree will hardly be ignored even though it is in a back corner. However, it is a magnet for the little guys with Batman backpacks, Batmobile ornaments and all the paraphernalia one could dream of!

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