Bloom Day

Garden Blogger Bloom Day happens the 15th of every month, when bloggers across North America and beyond post photos of what's blooming for them - indoors or out.   And while the pickings are pretty slim today on the Ides of March, at least we're seeing blooms outdoors, and we know that spring is coming - fast.  So there may be only two types of flowers in my garden to show off - Chionodoxa and Crocus - but I say let's celebrate 'em!  Preferably with some photos of them used in greater abundance than in my own garden - a deficiency I plan to correct next fall because these bulbs need to be in masses, not dollops.








Crocuses are one of the most popular bulbs for our climate, and for good reason.   I grow a few of the large hybrids (like 'Ruby Giant') and dozens of the smaller "Tommy" type (C. tommasinianus) underplanted in what used to be my lawn (and is now a sea of very short Sedum).










Chionodoxa photo credits, from top:  VersicolorSatguru, and Dogtooth77.  Crocus photos from top:   PolkadotSophRobert Smith, and Amanda Slater.

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