As the holiday season rolls around, it’s time to get out the ornaments and set up the Christmas tree. But before you can start decorating, you need to choose the right tree for you. While there are plenty of options from which to choose, a Fraser fir is a great choice when you want a tree that will last throughout the winter without losing its form. Here are the top reasons you should choose a Fraser fir this winter.

Reasons to Choose a Fraser Fir Tree

  • Christmas trees can lose their shape quickly, but not Fraser firs. These large trees are known for their slightly upturned branches, which allow them to keep their uniformly conical shape well beyond Christmas.
  • The holiday season is known for an array of earthy scents. These evergreens boast a delightfully resinous fragrance so you can bring that woodsy smell directly into your home.
  • Prickly needles are a pain when it comes to decorating a Christmas tree. You won't have to worry about that with a Fraser fir. They have soft needles, which means they won't poke you as you're hanging ornaments.
  • Few things are as annoying during the holidays as stepping on needles from the Christmas tree. Don't fret. These evergreens are known for their ability to hold on tight to their flattened needles. That means more of the dark blue-green needles will stay on the tree and fewer will make their way to the floor.
  • Not only does a fuller tree look more magnificent, you can hang more decorations if there are more branches. Young Fraser firs tend to have more dense foliage than mature trees, giving you plenty of space to hang each and every one of your ornaments.

Whether you want a Fraser fir or something else to decorate this winter, Homestead Gardens has your Christmas tree needs this holiday season. Learn more about our fresh-cut Christmas tree selections...

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