Those of us who don't live in drought-prone areas or desert regions might use water without giving it much thought. Water, however, is a precious resource these days, and taking small steps to conserve water can make a huge difference for our future. One way to reduce your water usage is to incorporate xeriscaping techniques in your yard. Xeriscaping is essentially a landscaping method that works to conserve water while still adding beauty to your home. It involves using native plants that do not require as much water, as well as creating limited turf areas. What started as a strategy used primarily in drier regions is now growing in popularity, and it has been seen in all regions of the U.S. This isn't exactly surprising, as xerixaping can reduce water usage by up to 75 percent!

While water conservation is the main benefit, there are several additional advantages to xeriscaping that make this method a great choice for your home. Here are just are four to keep in mind. 


While designing a xeriscaped yard takes some initial work, it's actually much more low-maintenance than having a manicured lawn. Not only will you spend less time watering the grass and plants, but you won't have to work up a sweat mowing the lawn either. 

Money savings

Reducing water usage means lowering your utility bill, too. Plus, many of the plants and natural features, such as rocks, cost less money than expensive turf, which means following the xeriscaping method saves you money in the long run. 

Natural habitats

Filling your yard with native plants provides a habitat for local wildlife. It also means that no fertilization or pesticides need to be used, so your natural habitat stays natural. 

Home value

Xeriscaping doesn't just conserve water, it brings beauty to your outdoor space. Transforming your yard with native plants and decorative elements is a great way to increase your home's value. 

Ready to reduce water usage by xeriscaping? Stop by your local Homestead Gardens today for more information about this landscaping method so you can get started. 

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