Petunias are as popular as ever and just getting more so, with the yearly introduction of more top-performers in more colors and combinations.  Like the two bicolor petunias you see here in one of the Homestead Growers greenhouses, already potted up in hanging baskets that'll bloom like crazy all season.  They're similar to the super-popular 'Wave' petunias in reblooming without having to be deadheaded (removal of its dead flowers).  Head grower Oliver Storm is pretty excited about them.


And about those beloved  'Waves', how about this inspiring array of them?



Indeed, 'Wave' petunias are available this year in a variety of eye-popping colors, but what's really new is an improvement called 'Easy Waves'.  They're shorter, more compact, and even better for containers and I'll be using this them year in the big pots on my front porch.  I hope to have a photo of them in all their glory by mid-summer or so.

More petunia varieties that Oliver recommends are 'Rambling' and 'Sanguna'.

Lower photo credit.

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