I recently spent time getting to know some garden magazine editors, and made quite a discovery - Country Gardens Magazine.  One of the many publications put out by the Better Homes and Gardens company, it's apparently the top-selling gardening magazine in the U.S., which shocked me because I'd never seen a copy before.

Great Features

I was given a couple of copies and soon discovered why it's so popular, and why I can wholeheartedly recommend it to you. 

  • It's not just for actual country gardeners, but for anyone aspiring to that gorgeous country look.  
  • Its writers are the best in the U.S., people respected throughout the gardening world, including Anne Raver (who also writes for the New York Times), Ruth Rogers Clausen Marty Ross, Nan Sterman, Tovah Martin, and more.
  • The photographers are great too - Rob Cardillo, among others.
  • The issues contain almost no advertisements, being almost totally supported by subscribers.
  • The topics covered are of interest to gardeners at all levels, like these found in the two copies I have in my possession.

The Website

The magazine's website has subscription info but also lots of useful how-to.  And their blog Everyday Gardeners features personal gardening stories from editor James Baggett and several BHG writers.  

Editor James Baggett and I are cracking up at the recent OFA Short Course in Columbus, Ohio.  We and the others in our press group thank Experience Columbus for inviting us to partake of the show and their beautiful city, and showing us a wonderful time.

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