Annapolis Garden of Sue and Perry Luzwick, after spring planting.

Time to share another before-and-after story from our Landscaping Division - this one via designer Scott Freedman.
Last winter Annapolis residents Sue and Perry Luzwick contacted Scott about their backyard, where they wanted a Japanese-style garden with a patio and some lighting.  The details they left up to Scott, who returned later with a design and photos of the plants and materials he suggested using - which Sue and Perry loved at first sight.   So, not a single plant was changed from the original design, shown below.


Another view immediately after planting this spring.  Love the deck chairs!

Perry Luzwick describes the garden as very "Zen-y", with lots of feng shui elements incorporated, and says he and Sue love sitting in the original Queen Elizabeth First Class deck chairs (a steal!), while listening to the sounds of the fountain and looking out over the lake in their Heritage Harbor community.  The lighting, a combination of uplights and accent lights, adds another dimension to the serene, beautiful space for evening enjoyment.
Like so many projects, this one was phased in for budgetary reasons.  So last winter the patio, lighting, fountain, bamboo, and stone features we done, taking advantage of Homestead's 10% winter discount.  Then in the spring Scott's crew prepared the beds and planting the plants.

This photo only hints at the effects created by lighting.

Before Landscaping.

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