Many reports have addressed the growing concern regarding declining bee populations throughout the United States. This is a big problem, but you can be part of the solution when you create a pollinator garden at home.

You can easily create a pollinator garden that not only attracts bees, but also other pollinators such as butterflies and hummingbirds. Here are some plants to consider adding to your garden space, and there are many more options. Talk with a Homestead Gardens expert for specific recommendations. You can't go wrong with nectar- or pollen-rich flowers and/or plants with flat, wide leaves.

butterflies in mud puddleA proper pollinator garden is more than just a food and sunning source. If you really want to make your pollinator friends feel at home, add a few extras. First, water is essential. Butterflies love muddy puddles. Hummingbirds love a misty fountain. A bird bath or pond can serve bees well, as long as they have solid footing (don't want the little guys to drown!).

Shelter is another fantastic addition to pollinator gardens. This allows creatures to be protected from predators, to get out of the elements when necessary, and to raise their young. A butterfly house, decomposing log, a pile of lawn clippings in a sunny location and patches of long wild grass are all inviting shelter options.

These various elements will help support the pollinators in your area, but in addition to creating the right environment, you can take steps to keep your garden safe for flying visitors. Always be thoughtful when it comes pesticides. Homestead Gardens teaches sustainable gardening practices and organic pest control methods. For example, consider non-synthetic Natria products to meet all your gardening needs.

Homestead Gardens is committed to building a community of gardeners devoted to preserving and protecting pollinators and their habitat. Join our Pollinator Club for exclusive savings on pollinator friendly plants, free monthly seminars and more. Click to learn more about the Pollinator Club and join today!

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