Decorating your home like those you see in a magazine spread isn't easy. It requires an artistic mind and some design know-how, as well as a sense of color, size, lighting and an understanding of space. You've probably flipped through several seasonal magazines and looked at large photo spreads of front entryways, all of them decorated perfectly for the season with a large wreath taking center stage.

Magazine Feature

If you want a magazine-spread worthy wreath that will match your unique holiday style, let the staff at Homestead Gardens custom design and create this wreath for you. We'll ask you about the look you want for your overall home decor, and we'll make certain the wreath matches your other garland decorations to create a cohesive look for your entire home.

Bring your ideas and supplies, or choose from the abundant selection we have here including holly berries and trimmings. We'll also discuss what type of greens you want to use, and you can mix Fraser, Balsam, White Pine and Cedar together for a more artistic look.

Stunning Customized Wreaths

With a customized wreath, your home will have the foundation it needs to be magazine photo-worthy. While working with our staff, you might decide to go with a wreath that contrasts the current decor, making it stand out beautifully against the backdrop. Or your home might be better suited for a customized wreath that blends in perfectly with garlands, mantlepieces and door swags we can make for you as well. That's the beauty of purchasing a wreath made by Homestead Gardens; it will be exactly what you want and need to give your home that "wow" factor.

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