Decorating the house with fresh greenery is one of the oldest winter holiday traditions. Evergreens have been a part of winter festivals since ancient times. Greenery such as cedar, pine and holly add a fresh look and natural scent to our homes.

The good news is that you don’t have to be an experienced floral designer. Branches of evergreens and pine cones tucked together will instantly transform a mantle or tabletop. Baskets or bowls filled with fresh evergreens and berries or glass ornaments make instant arrangements. 


Plant Conditioning

Proper conditioning is the key to keeping your fresh cut greens looking their best. Purchase early for the best selection and freshness. When you get them home, recondition your greens by soaking them in water a day or two. Once you've conditioned and dried your greenery, treat them with an anti-desiccant, such as Wilt-Pruf or Wilt Stop. This seals the pores on the leaves and needles and helps the foliage retain moisture. Never use these products on Juniper or anything containing berries; they will turn black. 

Fresh greenery will last longer outside in colder temperatures than in the heat of the house. Both environments are extremely dry this time of year and cause your decorations to dry out and drop needles. A daily misting with water will help them last longer. Display your greenery out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources, such as a heater vents or space heaters.


Dried evergreens can become flammable if they are in direct contact with a heat source, such as a candle flame or fireplace. If you use lights near your green arrangements, make sure they stay cool. LED lights a much cooler than incandescent ones. 

Be it simple or elaborate, decorating with fresh greenery is more prevalent than ever and Homestead Gardens has the perfect greenery for your holiday decorations.  


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