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In the cute little shed surrounded by annuals at the Davidsonville location, you'll find container-designer Dena Cameron creating some wild-looking designs, if you ask me, using some plants I've never seen before.  So naturally I asked for photos and here's a few by store greeter Rita Roche.  To see even more designs, check out Melanie McCabe's photos here are Flickr.  The designs also made a big splash in the Baltimore Sun.


Dena tells me she pots up containers bought at Homestead OR brought from home - either way.   And in order to customize people's designs she asks all sorts of questions:  how much sun will it get, is fragrance important, do you have favorite colors or flowers, will the pot be around kids and dogs, and do you have a theme in mind (maybe the ever-popular "cottage", "tropical" or "beachy").  You can even ask for evergreens, or perennials instead of annuals.  Lots of choices.

Dena's available Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays from 9 am to 5:30 pm.   The descriptions below were provided by Dena.

Above, the brown/bronze leaf plant is graphtophyllum pictum, 'bronze variegata".  The red flower is salvia, 'flame'.  The white flower is euphorbia, 'silver fog'.

Above, the tall green plant is cypress or dwarf umbrella plant.  The yellow flower is a canna. The trailing plant is Lysmachia, 'goldilocks'.  The two grasses in the back are wire grass.  Other than the wire grass , the other plants could grow in a water garden.

Above, the maroon leafy plant is perilla - it can handle a sunny location.  The other plants are pansy and petunia.  This container was assembled in the spring.  The perilla and petunia will continue on, but the pansy will need to replaced with a sunny, trailing plant, such as lysmachia , dichondra or vinca.

Above, the yellow trailing flower is calibrachoa, 'million bells'.  The grass is the middle is pennesitum 'fireworks'.  The silver trailing plant is dichondra, 'silver falls'.

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