Squirrels are cute when they're climbing trees, nibbling on acorns and even when they're simply sitting. Squirrels are not so cute, however, when they're eating from your bird feeder once again. Not only do they prevent birds from stopping by for a snack, but squirrels can also cause damage to bird feeders by chewing on the wood or plastic. Stop squirrels eating from your bird feeder once and for all with these safe DIY ideas.

DIY ideas for protecting your bird seed from squirrels:

Fill Your Feeder with Seeds that Squirrels Do Not Like

If the squirrel is hungry enough, it will eat anything you provide. But squirrels that are grazing simply because food is being offered will likely pass up treats such as canary, safflower and canola seeds.

Attach a Baffle to Your Feeder

Squirrels typically reach a bird feeder by sliding down the hook or climbing up the pole that is attached to it. This is when a baffle can come in handy. Baffles are large plastic or metal domes that curve away from the feeder, making it impossible for the squirrel to access the feeder's food.

Place the Feeder in a Strategic Location

Attaching a baffle to your bird feeder will only work if you also place the feeder in a strategic location. Squirrels can leap about eight to 10 feet horizontally and jump five feet high, which means they are likely to reach the feeder via a different route if a launching pad is nearby. Be sure to hang or mount your feeder in a location far from the house, trees or any type of object that squirrels can use as a jumping-off point. The bottom of the feeder should be placed 10 feet from the ground or higher.

If you're still struggling to keep squirrels from eating the birds' food, consider placing a squirrel feeder in your yard and welcome both animals into your outdoor space. This way, squirrels will go back to being cute and you can still entice beautiful birds to stop for a quick meal.

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