Whether you’re ready or not, homecoming is right around the corner. While you’re picking out your dress or tuxedo, don’t forget about the corsage. Sure, you could order one from your local flower shop, but why not make your own? A custom homecoming corsage is a great addition to any formal attire. Here are some tips for creating a DIY boutonniere or corsage for homecoming this year.

Find some pretty flowers

First things first, you need to find a few flowers that match your outfit. Some flowers to consider include yellow spray roses, lavender spray roses, baby’s breath, poppy pods, pepper berries and seeded eucalyptus. While you want to coordinate the shades of the flowers you choose with your formalwear, you should also use highlighting flowers that add a little pop of color. In general, three to four blooms are all that’s needed for a good-sized corsage.

Gather your materials

Apart from flowers, you’re also going to want corsage pins, scissors, wire, green floral tape, ribbon and other items to put the corsage together. Choose a ribbon color that matches your attire as well as the flowers you’ve picked out. Additionally, think about what type of material you’d like the ribbon to be made of. Satin, cotton, lace, chiffon and taffeta are just a few choices of ribbon to choose from.

Put it together

Assembly is the most technical part of making any DIY homecoming corsage. Cut the flowers so the stems are about 2 inches long. Arrange the flowers accordingly, and tape the bottoms together with the green floral tape. For extra strength, you can add wire or an extra wrapping of ribbon to the base of the flowers (underneath the tape) to keep them upright. From there, use your ribbon on the outside of the floral tape for a pretty adornment. Keep everything together by using hot glue. Lastly, put a dab of hot glue on the back of a corsage pin, and secure the pin to the back of the flower arrangement.

Creating a DIY corsage for homecoming is a unique, inexpensive way to personalize your evening out.

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