dogs-catAsking someone whether they prefer dogs or cats is a very common question, and regardless of a person's preference, the majority of us are just looking for a friendly, affectionate and long-term companion. One thing is for sure, people love owning a pet. In fact, 62 percent of homes in the United States have at least one pet – 83 million homes own dogs and 95 million have cats.

If you classify yourself as a dog or cat person, it might date back to your having grown up with either animal, or it could be the result of your current living situation. No matter your preference, it helps to do a little research and gain a better understanding of each animal's temperament before you commit to owning one as a pet.

Dog People

Dogs need daily stimulation, fresh air and regular walks. This means that many dog people love the outdoors and have access to open spaces, whether it's a backyard or a nearby park. Dogs are natural pack animals and they enjoy company. Many dog owners live in rural areas, but depending on the dog's breed and your ability to take your dog on safe walks it's extremely acceptable to own a dog even if you live in the city.

Cat People

macCats are more independent and are capable of entertaining themselves for a full day as long as they have a proper food supply, their litterbox and toys or scratching posts. In turn, cat owners tend to have busy schedules and live in smaller areas without immediate access to outdoor spaces. Cats are quiet animals and don't mind being left alone. This doesn't mean cats don't enjoy affection or being groomed, though. While cats are independent they still need to be looked after, so if you plan spending a few days away from home, have someone check in on your cat just as you would do for a dog.

Both of Homestead Gardens' Severna Park and Davidsonville store locations have a wide selection of dog and cat foods to meet all of your pet's nutritional needs. In addition to food, we offer a variety of toys and treats to keep your pet happy day after day. Come in and talk to our experienced staff to determine what type of food or toy would be best for your pet, and don't forget to share your pictures!


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