Summer is a time for adventure, with all members of the family able to enjoy some time spent together camping, on a road trip, or exploring a new city. You don't want to leave the pet dog behind on these great journeys, so be sure to include in your plans all the essentials you'll need for Fido to enjoy the trip as well. The staff at Homestead Gardens offers the following suggestions:

1. Lodging

Many hotels are pet-friendly, and AAA has published "Traveling With Your Pet: The AAA PetBook," listing AAA-rated lodging that accepts dogs and cats. When making reservations in hotels or campgrounds, double check that your pet will be welcome.

2. Know the Area

If you're going a long distance, research the weather as well as poisonous plants and animals that exist where you're traveling. Dogs love to explore and can easily put themselves in danger if they run into a snake or eat a toxic plant.

3. Make a List of Emergency Vet Clinics/Hospitals Along Your Route

Keep the phone numbers and addresses on a document that you'll carry with you at all times. If you are traveling to an area with venomous snakes, contact the clinics ahead of time to ensure they have anti-venom medication available.

4. Car Safety

Like humans, it's safest for your pet to be buckled up. There are many pet harness options available at Homestead Gardens that connect to car-safety systems so your dog is better protected in case of a crash. Homestead Gardens also has travel crates and carriers of all different sizes to help keep your pet protected. Keep in mind that the summer heat can increase the temperature inside the car to dangerous levels. It's always best not to leave a pet inside a vehicle for any amount of time during the summer months if you don't have the AC running.

5. Keep a Schedule

Don't try to change your dog's regular schedule too much. He might suffer from uncomfortable health conditions if you feed him new foods, provide him with water from a different water source, change his walk times or miss a bathroom stop. Pack everything he uses and take it with you, and keep an eye on the clock so you can give him the care he needs at his regular times.

Be sure to pack all your pet's essentials like food and water bowls, leashes, bedding and toys. Homestead Gardens has these supplies and more to make traveling with your pet safe and fun.

With these tips, you can take Fido along wherever you go this summer, and take plenty of family pictures with everyone happily smiling!

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