The "before" view
Here's a great example of the way H0mestead's Landscaping Division can install their clients' new gardens in phases, as budget or convenience allow.  For this Bowie homeowner the gang started in 2010 by replacing a concrete patio with a much more attractive and water-draining paver patio.  Then they moved a shed from its prominent position against the house to the edge of the property, built a deck and privacy trellis made of composite (super-low-maintenance), and installed plants that provide screening.
And just recently the next installment in their long-term plan was completed.  It's a planting island in the middle of a sloping back yard, and it includes a dry streambed and boulders for their obvious aesthetic appeal.  Stone rocks!
The goals for this project were to create a focal point along the slope that included plants for seasonal color and interest, plus anchoring the hillside and reducing the amount of mowing required.  The design creates a planting area without the building of tiered planting beds.  After a few seasons the plants here will fill in to to hide the telephone pole and wires at the back of the yard.
Here's a closer look at the new garden and streambed.  You can almost hear the sound of the water coming down the creek, even though no water is actually flowing.  But in the future, who knows?  The homeowner does have the option of installing a small pond at the base of the stream with a small water fall or bubbler in the future.  We'll check back next year.

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