Easter Flowers

This weekend, whether you'll be home or visiting friends or family, there's more plants for celebrating the season than just Easter lilies - not that there's anything wrong with them (little Seinfield joke there).  Easter lilies may be gorgeous and fragrant but check out these other choices that I noticed at Homestead today.

Alternative Options

An assortment of spring-blooming bulbs, blooming early just for this weekend.

Big-leaf hydrangeas bloom now, and will probably again next year in your garden if you treat 'em right.

Gene Sumi told me he's crazy about this 'Blue Zebra' Primrose, especially for its vibrant leaves.  I like the striation on the flower petals. 

Kalanchoes come in amazing colors.

On the left, a potted 'Shooting Star' Hydrangea and on the right, lavender just opening up.  Both can be planted outdoors after the flowers fade.

Cyclamens are nice as accents or massed for effect.

And look at all these adorable Easter items, any of which if I brought home could stay in my garden all season.  I might just have to buy one of those frogs.

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