You enjoy keeping plants in your home, so why not at your office, too? Not only can indoor plants give your office space a fresh look and feel, they can also create a garden-like atmosphere in no time. Plus, they’ll help keep your indoor air cleaner by removing pollutants in the air (like those coming from chemicals and paint). The best part is that it doesn’t take many plants to transform your space. Here are a few types of indoor plants that will make great additions to your office greenery.

Lucky Bamboo

While it’s not real bamboo, this plant sure looks like it. Lucky Bamboo (also known as Dracaena sanderiana) is generally associated with success and luck — hence the name. This plant is easy to care for, and only requires a small vase with water and stones to support it.


If you’re looking for the ultimate easy-to-grow office plant, choose a cactus. They don’t need much attention as long as they’re placed near a sunny window or under a fluorescent light. Because they don’t require water very often, you don’t have to worry about asking a co-worker to water it while you’re on vacation.


Due to the ease of keeping it alive, Pothos (aka Devil’s Ivy) is a very common indoor plant. These plants can thrive in a variety of environments, including low light, low humidity and, to a certain extent, dry soil. In fact, this plant grows so well that it might take over a counter or two if you don’t take the time to regularly prune it.

Add some indoor plants to your office, and you and your co-workers can enjoy a bit of nature inside.

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