There are so many benefits to growing your own food, from increased flavor to taking control of what your food is exposed to. Plus, anyone can do it! 

Whether you have a yard with a large garden or a small plot, or a patio or deck and some containers, all you need is good organic soil, seeds or seedlings, water and sunshine to create an edible garden!

Here at Homestead Gardens, we know how important edible gardening is, so we have done some renovating and now have an entire room dedicated to it. Find all of the items you need to get your garden started in just one place; you just need to add the water and sunlight!

You don’t need a lot of space to grow an edible garden. If you have a sunny spot, you can plant your edibles in a small or large garden plot or in a container. It’s simpler than it seems!

What do you want to grow? Choose varieties that are hard to find in the grocery store such as heirloom tomatoes and colorful veggies. Make sure to pick some of your favorites. Chesapeake Harvest’s high-quality starter plants set you up for success. Chesapeake Harvest has over fifty varieties of vegetables and herbs that naturally thrive in this region without harming the environment. These starter plants even come in biodegradable containers, so you just plant the entire thing, water, and watch them grow!

Try Container Gardening

First, choose the right container. You should pick one that is at least 14 inches wide, with drainage holes. If you’re growing multiple plants in one pot, select a bigger container. Check the seed packets or plant tags to ensure you’re giving your plants enough space.

Next, place your container somewhere with plenty of sunlight for your plants. Most fruits and vegetables need six to eight hours of sunlight per day.

Fill your container within two inches from the top with an organic potting mix, such as Espoma Organic’s Potting Mix or Homestead’s own blend Maryland Select Organic Potting Soil. Both will provide healthy nutrients your plants need. When you use organic soil and fertilizers, you will feel good about what you are feeding to your friends and family.

Depending on what you decide to grow, you may need to add stakes to help your crops grow in the right direction.

Come check it out! We are beyond excited to show off our expanded dedicated space just for edibles.  Homestead Gardens’ in-house experts can help you get started today!

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